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Here’s a Comparison of The Various Subwoofer Box Enclosures

You may have bought a new subwoofer and know zilch about the available enclosure options. You could have researched and known about sealed, ported or bandpass subwoofer enclosures. Keep reading to know the effectiveness and effects of each one of them.

The sealed enclosure is quite small in the three enclosures. This box enclosure is suitable for small cars and sports cars due to their sizes. There are advantages and disadvantages as well. You will still be left with space when you install these sealed subwoofer enclosures as they do not consume much space. These produce accurate bass but do not have the boom effect, unlike the rest. The reason for no boom is because of the airtight box which does not allow any air to escape from the box interior. This restriction requires a subwoofer and a powerful amplifier combination. A sealed enclosure is not advisable for those handling high wattage.

The ported or vented enclosure requires more room as it is larger. If space is not an issue for you, then this is your solution. The ported design inclines on the vent because it enables air to move freely. In ported enclosures, sound comes from the interior to the enclosure rear to the outside. There’s a boom effect from the ported enclosures but no accuracy in the bass response. Ported enclosures do not need much power coming from the system as the airtight box allows the subwoofer to move freely meaning every sound can be heard.

The largest of the three is the bandpass enclosure. The design in this bandpass is where there are two ports and two main chambers. The subwoofer is placed in the first chamber, and the other one is used for vibration. It has a high boom effect, but the bass is not accurate. Bandpass enclosures use up a lot of the trunk space. They consume very little power, unlike the sealed enclosure. You should tightly install your bandpass enclosure because any loose fits will rattle and be heard on the bandpass setup.

When choosing a subwoofer box you should ensure you buy the right MDF and not simple wood. If you do this the enclosure boxes will not rattle and will forebear high temperatures. Get the carpet or vinyl finish for that appealing external look of your enclosure box. Vinyl finish is easier to clean while carpet exterior finish will protect the enclosure from scratches. You may want more than one subwoofer in a box. This depends largely on space and money.

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