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Main Steps Towards Effective Mediation

We are human, possessing different backgrounds and personalities. We are therefore bound to have disagreements at one time or another. Some conflicts can be resolved without involving other people. Being in disagreement results to turbulent situations. Such a third party is a mediator and the conflict resolution; mediation. Not every mediation bears fruits, and there are a few steps to follow for a successful mediation.

You cannot choose a mediator in a carefree manner. The key to having a successful mediation lies in the kind of person you will involve for the negotiation process. You need to have the same objective as the mediator otherwise the outcome will not please any of the disputing parties. Usually, the personality of the mediator plays a role in the result. A mediator who is a director wants the mediation to have instant results. Influencers aim for the mediation process to be socially-lubricated. Influencer mediators make the likelihood of getting amicable terms higher. There are also steady mediators who are patient and seek to cover all bases that may be the cause of the disagreement. Finally, some compliant mediators prefer to follow standards set.

A mediator should prepare well before going through the mediation. The mediator should make sure the client is aware that not every mediation has positive results To make sure the client gets acceptable outcome out of the disagreement, the mediator should know the bottom line of the client. The mediation should come to an end if the mediation does not meet the client’s bottom line. The only time a mediator should leave the negotiation table is if he has tried his best but the client’s interests are still not fulfilled. Still, he must be patient enough to allow the mediation to take the necessary course that may favor his client, eventually.

The settling of the mediation should give the client an upper hand, Being alert is crucial for a successful negotiation, therefore, if the client and mediator are distracted, the results will not be pleasant. Both of you should take time to know the place by arriving a few hours before the mediation starts. Further, plan to the last detail to ensure that everything is in order. If you have visual aids for the mediation, ensure they are working properly and set them up early.

Finally, information is power and every bit of information can make or break your case. Not all information can give you’re a client, therefore, concentrate on that which will. Some information can cause your case to collapse. Some information is only handy during the first meeting Slow revelation of information puts your client at an advantage and the element of surprise can help your client’s position.

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