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Around 4000 persons are losing their lives every year because of truck accidents. It is important that you know most of these persons are not the truck drivers or passengers but our people using smaller cars. Around 70% of the targeted individuals are either driving or boarding smaller trucks or cars. Go through the following tips to identify safe ways to avoid such accidents.

Stay away from the blind spots of large vehicles. There are blind spots for every vehicle. However, there are more blind spots for truck drivers than those operating passenger vehicles. It is possible for truck drivers not to see small vehicles that are behind or alongside them. Make certain that you are driving away from such blind spots for truck drivers.

It is easy to switch from one line to another or make us pop for a small vehicle. It is okay to make an immediate move in a car. Note that you cannot do the same when it comes to a truck. Space and time is required to change lanes or make a sudden stop completely. Be sure to drive at a distance from a truck for them to avoid making sudden movements. Do not crowd the vehicle on its sides to stay away from unforeseeable accidents.

You should always pass trucks quickly and carefully. Truck drivers are known for driving a lot slower on the road than most of the other motor vehicles. When you have to pass a truck, make sure that your password as carefully and quickly as possible. Exercise your patience especially if you cannot see the road beyond that truck when you want to overtake it and continue driving behind it. Make your calculations right to avoid another vehicle blocking you when you are overtaking.

Do not ignore your vehicle signals anytime you are near a truck. Start putting your signals on now and make it a habit whenever you see a trailer near you. The signals will help other drivers understand what you are doing and prevent you from being involved in an accident. If you are a new driver make sure that your signals are on even when you are maneuvering fat the other road users to get your message. The truckers will go ahead and make the adjustment you are requesting them to either give way take over the available space. Putting the signs on we’ll make it easy and safe to overtake vehicles of different sizes.

Be cautious when merging with large vehicles. Make sure that you do not freak out once you find yourself merging with trucks to ensure that you do not confuse the other road users. You should never block other cars on the road for whatsoever reason.