A Quick Overlook of Bugs – Your Cheatsheet

Different Kinds of Common Bugs

Sun and moist air in various tourist attracting sites attract a lot of people for fun. However, such conditions also attract various insects that enjoys the warmth too. These bugs can be so dangerous to people. You should research on more info about signs of infestations and call an exterminator at any time.

In our homes, we put enough mechanisms to protect us from any sort of insect. Often, there are more than 100 different kinds of insects shaking up with us every time. We may have felt safe every time at home but in some areas, they really understand more about the struggle of gross invading insects. The following are some of the insects you will find.

There is the palmetto bug that has wings, is big and can even reach 1.6 inches and can fly like all other cockroaches. Should you try to swat this insect with anything or irritate it in any way, it will spray you with a nasty smelling liquid. Because of this, it was nicknamed skunk roach. These insects often prefer damp and moist environments and you will find them in sinks, garages, bathrooms etc. Ensure that you find more info about palmetto bugs and be safe.

The two-striped walking stick bugs that often travels with a partner is another. These insects are spotted around trees, vegetation and leaves during autumn months and they grow up to 2.5 inches or more. These bugs often spray threatening people with a foul-smelling liquid. Though they aren’t so harmful, they can cause troubles should the liquid get in your eyes.

Formosan termites that are native to Asian countries are invasive in several parts of the warmth world. Formosan termites often consume a lot of wood as they reproduce hence homes made of wood are at risk when these termites invade them. Signs of infestation includes dead bugs, fallen wings etc. during certain seasons. Because of their aggression in damaging homes, you should go for professional pest control should they infest your home. Find more info on different websites on pests.

Black with moths bugs have about 7 inches of length and they can easily be mistaken for bats and small birds. They are very common during all months in warm and wet areas. They often are out in the night but you will find them severally in the shades of cars and underneath tunnels/ boardwalks. There are several myths associated with these bugs but they aren’t harmful.

polydamas swallowtail butterfly is very common in various places around the globe. This kind of bugs can grow as long as about 4.6 inches. Their wings are a very gorgeous black with yellow bands and spots.

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