The Professional Movers Who Solve Urban Storage Problems

Homeowners living in the suburbs have plenty of space to store unneeded items. However, as residents move closer to the hearts of cities, homes tend to be smaller and are often designed for minimalist lifestyles. Many residents live in apartments that have single closets and a few cupboards. With that in mind, an innovative company now provides professional movers who pick up urban dwellers’ things and deliver them to storage facilities. Clients choose from various sized storage spaces and pay reasonable rates.

Storage Experts Solve a Range of Problems

The moving professionals who provide urban storage help clients resolve a variety of issues. Some customers are moving and need a safe place to keep belongings until their new homes are ready. Many are in college and have no need for furniture until they graduate. Many are downsizing from homes to smaller apartments and don’t want to get rid of their belongings. Regardless of the situations, they all turn to companies like MakeSpace for clean, safe storage spaces. Clients just call for pickup, and professionals carefully remove, transport, and store their items until they are needed.

There Is a Storage Option for Every Need

Storage and moving experts offer clients spaces in sizes to fit various needs. For example, those who need to de-clutter small homes can opt for a space the size of a small, medium, or large closet. There are also units designed to hold the entire contents of apartments. They can be as small as 5′ x10′ (the size of a studio apartment) or as big as 10′ by 20″ (a three-bedroom apartment). Clients can call and have items picked up within an hour and just as easily arrange for delivery when they are ready.

Services Are Budget Friendly

Temporary urban storage rates are also reasonable and guaranteed not to change. The smallest space costs less than $80 per month. The entire contents of a large apartment can be stored for under $600 a month. Bins and a basic protection plan plans are free. The first pickup is also free and customers get an additional one-hour appointment each month at no cost.

Many city dwellers now solve space problems with the help of experts who pick up items and deliver them to secure storage facilities. Clients can choose storage spaces in sizes that fit their needs and budgets.