4 Things A Tenant Should Keep in Mind Before Renting A Property

Finding a flat or house for rent is not an easy task because you want to find a place that you find comfortable, homey and convenient. Everyone has an idea of perfect living space in his or her mind but when you are renting a property you have to make a few sacrifices. If you want to find a good place then you should make a priority list of the things that you would want in a comfortable place.

Do Not Rush:

When you are looking for a place to live you should never make a rushed decision. People often make a rushed decision because they find something affordable and regret their decision after a while. Before you decide to make a commitment make sure that you do a thorough research of the surroundings. Check to see how far it is from the workplace and if there is a market nearby. A hospital should also be in the surroundings. If you want quiet and peace then you should avoid getting a place near a noisy place like a pub. Researching the surrounding is an important first step in selecting a good living place.

Inspect the Property:

You should shortlist the properties that you think are suitable for you and then you need to make time to inspect the properties. When you go to inspect the property, you should ask the landlord for landlord safety certificate so that you know that the property is safe to live in. If there are any appliances included in the inventory then you should check all of them as well to see if they are working properly. You should never forget to check the water pressure because it can have a huge impact on the comfort level of the place.

Read the Contract Carefully:

You should read the contract more than once so that you know the guidelines that you have to abide by and the rules that you need to remember. If you have pets then you should you make sure that the pets are allowed in the building that you are renting. Make sure that you read every line carefully.

Here are a few things that a tenant should focus on while looking for a flat or a house.

The two things that every tenant should look for in the contract are the break clause and a release clause. A break clause means that the tenancy can be terminated at six months. The release clause is almost similar but the tenant has to pay a fee to get released from the contract. The tenant may also be required to find a new tenant. So make sure that you check these clauses before signing the contracts. < or not.

Find Out the Advance:

There is no strict law on how much money in advance so you need to clarify that how much you would need to pay. You should get all the agreements that you do in writing so that there is no confusion when it comes to settling the payments.